Vian Shamounki Borchert I am an expressionist artist. I  consider all my artwork to be visual poems. My work is mainly abstract expressionist, and  expressionistic figurative artwork.

In my latest abstract expressionistic paintings, I created my own world of what I see fit that falls into making an aesthetically pleasing abstract composition. The work is based on my imagination and my appreciation to the nature that surrounds me. I wanted the art to spring from my imagination and my brains, while the art educator in me looks very carefully at these paintings and makes sure that the composition in all its entity such as color, form, structure, texture come together to make a successful and balanced work. In my abstract work, I wanted to create the kind of abstract art that I like to see when I visit galleries and museums. Thus, I strongly feel I created my own abstract movement and vision that is pure and honest. Most importantly, I aim to explore my subconscious and how it looks when it comes out on canvas. I strongly feel for a work of art to be effective, it has to come from someone's absolute own experience and innermost vision. I am also an avid lover of nature, I consider nature to be the truest and best artist, and I do find nature to be one of my ultimate inspirations.

In my figurative work, I paint the figure in an expressionistic way with emphasis on the portrait, the twist and position of the body, hands and the certain mood that the colors of the painting give the figure. My artwork illustrates the physiological state of being of the figure. I consider myself an artist of feelings. I paint the deep emotions that occupy the mind and sometimes clutter the mind. Feelings such as love, despair and uncertainty are some of the emotions that I depict in my work.

I consider each of my paintings as a visual poem: a poem of love, a poem of hope, a poem of melancholy – poems that depict and capture the expression and the mood of the figure.

My aim with my artwork is to to transcend the viewer into another realm – a thoughtful and intellectual realm..