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GOSS Magazine
Vian Borchert's Interview with NYC based prestigious publication, GOSS Magazine which features seasoned professionals & talented visionaries presenting the journeys of passionate women-led entrepreneurs who make massive moves. GOSS magazine features fearless women who challenge the status quo and break glass ceilings with highlights of major female leaders such as Music Icon Taylor Swift and her "Eras Tour" , and motivational speaker & New York Times bestselling author Mel Robbins, and international speakers like Regan Hillyer and Teal Swann and other industry leaders and entrepreneurial women who create major trends.
For me, creating artwork was never for just making pretty pictures, it was more of an extensive search into the unknown part of who we are (the subconscious) and its hidden alleys and corridors that get transmitted through the visual world.
Read more at GOSS, 2024
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Eclair Magazine Feature of renowned artist Vian Borchert's Art in Issue Vol 52. Eclair Magazine is a prestigious publication that is both French and American based in Paris, NYC and LA delivering the most significant of celebrity news, art and fashion. Eclair Magazine strives to enlighten and enrich its readers as the premier French magazine abroad, where their commitment is to showcase the very best in cinema, music, fashion, art, and culture along the biggest French and American icons. Eclair Magazine offers rich and diverse content, and is a true source of inspiration for those who want to stay at the forefront of artistic and cultural news.
The issue showcases celebrities such as Jazz music legend and musician Ibrahim Maalouf and singer Kylie Minogue along with Hollywood celebrities and French stars such as Stéphane Debac and Jonas Bloquet.

See the video of Borchert's art feature.
Get the articel and preview at ECLAIRE Magazine, March 2024
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300 Magazine
300 Magazine, a Manhattan, NYC base luxury and lifestyle magazine gives a raving review of acclaimed artist, Vian Borchert's exhibitions in major American cities, NYC at Lichtundfire gallery, Washington DC at the historic and prestigious Arts Club of Washington DC, and in Philadelphia at the National Liberty Museum. The review states,
She has gained nationwide acclaim for her breathtaking abstract work, Vian does not limit herself to one medium or genre. From mixed-media paintings to portraiture, she has mastered the art of connecting with the audience through evocative imagery. Today, we would like to invite our readers to visit Vian Borchert’s new art exhibitions in New York, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia.
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Art & Investments
Noted international artist, V. Borchert, is interviewed by "Art & Investments" publication / platform based in Milan, Italy - the interview is conducted by Alessio Musella, editor and art expert. Borchert states,
As an artist, sometimes you need another accomplished and long-careered artist to understand the ups and downs one faces through the artistic journey which does have lots of curvy roads. Being an artist is no bed of roses, but it is a “calling” and because it is that an artist who goes for it for the long-haul has to be aware that such a career can be a mixed bag so to speak.
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ShoutOut LA
V. Borchert is featured in an Interview in "ShoutOut LA" on Dec 18, 2023. The interview titled "Meet Vian Borchert | Artist & Lightworker" where Borchert talks about her art's impact on the community and beyond, she states:
After all, it is the visionaries and philosophers who make an imprint in uplifting and creating enlightenment within societies. Thus, my singular vision has had a huge impact on mindsets which consequently creates change and opens up one’s perspectives to the endless possibilities that the world has for us. I had written a lot on capturing the essence of matters – In a gist, life is all about capturing the essence of who we are and how also one’s creative endeavors can connect us collectively through this thing we call life.
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OFF TOWN Magazine
Acclaimed expressionist artist, Vian Borchert's interview with NYC based "Off Town Magazine" for the October Special Edition issue 0000035, Vol 2. The feature is on a 6 page spread. OFF TOWN MAGAZINGE is a luxury based Lifestyle, fashion and beauty, architecture print magazine in New York City.
Art means everything, it keeps me up at night analyzing and thinking while ideas storm through my head of artwork to come. I guess I am completely eaten up by art... believe not only through my artwork, but also that I’ve written and talked a good amount about nature throughout my journey as an artist, this has helped many people start to look differently at their surroundings with appreciation and love for the environment. It comes through, honest work always delivers and in turn speaks to the viewers and the public. As an artist, I have opened people’s eyes to the importance of love for the environment and nature.
Read more at OFF TOWN, Nov. 2, 2023

The print magazine is available at MagCloud
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Muse Daily
The US luxury based "Muse Daily" news publication interviews noted artist Vian Borchert about who are the muses for the artist, what energizes the artist along with how the artist refuels and stays fit. The article / interview also features Borchert's photography of images she took while out on a walk. Muse Daily covers well curated selections from illustrious artists, designers & luminaries. "Muse Daily" articles focus on mindfulness, wellness, intention, nature, beauty, food, travel, events, meaning, purpose & meditation.
I am a firm believer that if a door closes, then a window opens. I keep such positive mottos in my mind allowing for the universe to unfold its offerings to me as I go authentically and candidly through my creative journey.
Video link: @ TikTok
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Fine ART Shippers
Wonderful interview with NYC based Fine Art Shippers conducted by Inna Logunova where the interview delves deep into my latest work of art and how art is a healing power.
The interview gives insights to Borchert's journey and long career as an artist
This evolution within me didn’t happen overnight. It is a making of years and years of exploring the self and my art, delving into the unknown, and solving the puzzle of who I am.
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300 Magazine
300 Magazine is a luxury publication based in Manhattan, NYC, wrote a beautiful review about established artist Vian Borchert's latest paintings and achievements along with exhibits in New York, Texas and the DC / Maryland area. The magazine states in the article titled "Abstract Paintings By Vian Borchert: New Art Show In NYC, And More", that Borchert's
series of new ephemeral abstract paintings urges the viewer to think past the constraints of space. Vian’s pieces are not exactly skyscapes, landscapes, or seascapes; instead, they transport the audience into an entirely different world, where the spiritual matters more than the physical.
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fienfh Magazine
Acclaimed international artist, Vian Borchert, is featured on the front cover of French Style, fashion, and art magazine "Fienfh", along with being on the back cover feature as well and having a multiple page spread within the magazine. Fienfh magazine is based in Paris, France, featuring unique and energetic styles.
The magazine can be found at MagCloud.

Visit the brief introduction video of the magazine!

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DC Art News
A Review of Borchert's solo art exhibition "Elevation" in "DC Art News / The newest and bestest in art and culture in the DMV". The review highlights Borchert's philosophy along with a deep look into her newest work that call for enlightment and elevation.
“ELEVATION” is not just a collection of paintings; it's an experience that aims to transport viewers to a higher realm of consciousness. Through a series of stunning skyscapes within landscapes and seascapes, Vian Borchert masterfully achieves this elevation. Her art serves as a bridge, connecting the viewer with the natural world and emphasizing the profound impact that nature has on human well-being.
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VoyageLA Magazine
VoyageLA Magazine" invited noted artist, Vian Borchert, to an interview titled "Check out: Vian Borchert's Story", where the artist speaks openly about her long art journey along with the transformation felt by the viewers upon viewing the artist's work. VoyageLA is a magazine highlights the best along with presenting the extraordinary life stories of highly evocative visionaries that push the boundaries of the imagination.
My artwork opens the eyes so to speak and makes the viewers connect to a higher cognitive realm towards enlightenment along with creating a sense of “joie de vivre”. My art is unique, innovative, and creative. I am a pioneer in my singular abstract vision which has been influential in the development of the current art trends and the direction of where contemporary abstract and modern art is heading.
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ROIDX Magazine
International acclaimed artist, Vian Borchert's artwork is on the front and back cover along with an in-depth interview spread in the September 2023 issue of French style magazine "ROIDX" based in Paris, France. Borchert talks about her inspiration, the environment, surroundings and creating art trends & waves within the art world.
I don't follow art trends since I make them. When I paint, I look inward, not outward. For me creating art is all about personal expression rather than following others and trends. I am not interested in others' self-expression - I am interested in my own and what comes out of my own world and imagination and my own creativity. For me that is the primal reason why I am an artist to figure me out, reveal my hidden unknown subconscious which is where the creativity comes from and let that stream onto the canvas through the art process of painting.
Interview Link
A Video of the Sept 2023 issue spread is available on YouTube.
See the MagCloud preview of the ROIDX, September 2023 issue.
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MOEVIR Magazine
International distinguished artist, Vian Borchert, is featured in the September issue of French fashion and style "MOEVIR" magazine. A number of Borchert's paintings are covered in a milti-page spread starting from page 78 until page 87. Borchert's name is listed on the front cover:
Vian Borchert: Inspiration from the Artist
A Video of the Sept 2023 issue spread is available on YouTube
Read more at MOEVIR Magazine, September 2023
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Borchert was interviewed by LA based magazine, "BOLD JORUNEY Magazine" where she talked about optimism, her art inspirations and work ethics.
My optimism stems from the fact that I am a dreamer. I’ve always been a dreamer ever since I was a young child. I would always dream about beautiful things and imagine things much prettier than they are in real life. I sometimes sit and wonder why I dream that the upcoming events or situations are much better than how they are in actuality. Then, I realize that the hopeless optimist in me seems to take over the whole core of who I am. Being a dreamer and an optimist is much like being a hopeless romantic which I also am. You truly want to believe in romance – you truly want to believe in the good, you truly want to believe that good is awaiting one and will occur.
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Art Review City
"Art Review City" publication's great review by Stephen Gambello of the "Lemon Sky" exhibition at Lichtundfire gallery, NYC. "Art Review City" is an art publication devoted to reviewing the best exhibitions around the world. Here is what the writer wrote about Borchert's "Lemon Sky" series:
The impression of the memory of a chromatic scale arranged as an emotional abstraction is what Vian Borchert’s four paintings “Lemon Zest,” “Limoncello,” “Transcendent,” and “Lemon Sky” convey. We might experience an ongoing biography in quarters, as each painting could represent a decade or so of the artist’s life–as we might see this life in its development, in the compositional shape of colors. The yellow in each picture is strategically placed, indicating the level of awareness and wisdom the artist had at that point in life. The yellow, representing the actual true self’s identity, could indicate the location of that true self within the boundaries of the artist’s perception, as manifested within the boundaries of the painting itself.
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The US luxury based "Muse Daily" platform features Borchert's Times Square - Broadway billboard display, along with an in-depth interview titled "PRESPECTIVE" with noted artist Vian Borchert. Borchert talked about what perspective means in her art and life along covering other deep matters. Muse Daily covers well curated selections from illustrious artists, designers & luminaries.
Our perspective, at least mine changes and shifts with time and growth. The core meaning of my art usually shifts and somewhat changes as I grow. Yet, the essence of my art has always been the same since many years, which is to capture the expression, feel, and atmosphere of a certain setting through an abstracted expressionistic poetic touch. I especially love sunrises and the first crack of light that one sees at dawn. I love full moons as well and how they brighten the night skies.
Read more at MUSE DAILY, June 2023
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In "ShoutOut LA" interviewed Vian borchert about her latest work, her sources of inspiration, her success story and her perseverance. The interview relays Borchert's love for poetry and literature as sources of inspiration.
There is a lot of growth that has occurred within me throughout this success journey and within my life that I do owe to books and dead authors, poets and artists who I don’t know personally. Nevertheless, their work from literary to visual ones had touched my soul and propelled me to persevere and go forth... My favorite poet of all time is Langston Hughes, especially his poem “Mother to Son”. Langston Hughes’s poetry that embodies hope speaks to me like no other. I find poet Mary Oliver’s poem, “Wild Geese,” to be one of my favorite poems and it is very inspiring to me.
Read more at ShoutOut LA, May, 2023
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Canvas Rebel
Noted artist, Vian Borchert, was invited for an interview with "Canvas Rebel Magazine" an LA based publication with Conversations with Entrepreneurs, Artists & Creatives.
I am most proud of the body of work I have created throughout the years and the fact that my art resonates, inspires, enriches, enlightens and even changes people’s lives for the better. I have seen people tell me that my art has moved them so much that they wrote poetry about it. I have seen people gather around my art in exhibitions and engage in deep conversations with strangers about my art. I have seen people completely change their whole life direction after experiencing and being inspired by my path and artistic career. I know I have changed so many lives for the better due to the creative awakening that my art has on people’s lives.
Read the interview at Canvas Rebel, May 2023
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Art Squad Magazine
The LA based "Art Squat Magazine" conducted an interview by Johnny Otto Writer/Director/Producer with artist V. Borchert. "Art Squat Magazine" is dedicated to artists making waves in the artworld from around the globe. The in-depth interview conducted by J. Otto asks the artist numerous questions from her beginnings to her inspiration and future plans.
Putting in the years and creating a huge and strong body of work was the norm to be considered an artist. I was educated under the old school beliefs that "Pain" is essential in creating a "Painting". And, to be honest, this is one of the main reasons why I ended up an artist and I went to art school, to help me navigate my pain into paintings. Art was and still is till today a visual language for me to bring forth what is within me onto the canvas, be it joyful thoughts or melancholic ones. My life's experience is transparent and transmitted onto canvas so to speak, and painting is a vehicle for me for that transportation.
Read the interview at Art Squat Magazine, May 2023