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Painter Legend
"Painter Legend" published on August 25, 2019 the article
Five Ways On How To Prepare For An Abstract Artist | An Abstract Artist
Vian Borchert's "The Yellow Line" painting is listed together with the late renowned artist Howard Hodgkin.
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ArtRabbit posted an article in July 2019 about the group exhibit "Where Color Lightly Treads" at LICHTUNDFIRE in lower Manhattan, New York City.
Vian Borchert's expressionist paintings, descriptive "visual poems" with a distinct choice of color, resonate, both gently and strongly, her personal affinity, feelings and mood.
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The Digital Dash
Vian's artwork is featured underneath "Monet at Christie's in London" in The Digital Dash's latest art news under
Art: Latest on Art, Artists & Rare Art From Around the World
, along Jeff Koons and other major art news.
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Vian Shamounki Borchert was featured in the Book titled
Empowering Women through Painting
that was published during Women's month in March 2019 along with talented female artists.

The book can be purchased via Amazon: ASIN# B07Q5NWBY7
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GW Corgoran School of Arts
Vian Borchert is listed as Corcoran GW Notable Alumni under the section 1990s-2000s.
See the listing at GW Corcoran School of Arts
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American Artist
American Artist features Vian Borchert's painting "The Yellow Line" in "Ten Mind Numbing Facts About the Abstract Art Movement".
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Parkbench Kentlands 2019
If you are not familiar with the artist, ... have a look at Borchert's quintessential modern art and her skillful rendering of color, texture and brushstrokes mélangeing together to create her one of kind and unique style of abstract art.
Promotion by iCanvas
iCanvas - 5 Woman Artists
To commemorate International Women's Day, iCanvas supports The National Museum of Women in the Arts with their #5WomenArtists campaign.
iCanvas is proud to support this campaign with a feature of talented female artists. Vian Borchert is featured amongst the women artists
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