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Washington DC's alternative art publication EAST CITY ART published Vian Borchert' solo exhibiton ESCAPISM.
Escapism is the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.
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In BmoreArt magazine, "ESCAPISM" is featured in BmoreArt’s Art Picks from May 18-24 in "News & Opinion" by Rebecca Juliette listed in the best weekly art openings, events in Baltimore and Maryland surrounding areas. This is a curated pick to emphasize the area’s best exhibits and events.
Through my artistic journey, it becomes clear to me that it is through art I have found the greatest escape!
Read more at BmoreArt, May 2021
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Washington DC based District Fray Magazine's article by Michael Loria titled "The Framer’s Choice Gallery Presents “Escapism” by Abstract Expressionist Vian Borchert" can be found in the "Culture" section of the May 2021 issue.
Most of the abstract expressionist artist’s work comes from art produced during the lockdown at the start of the pandemic. "Given our harsh reality, I became, in a sense, an escape artist, to escape into my own creation,” Borchert says of the start of the pandemic.
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Boomer Magazine
London, UK based "Boomer Magazine second edition features Vian Borchert in "Self Fulfilling Prophecy” on page 41.
"Vian considers her expressionistic abstract art as visual poems. V. Borchert exhibits in noted galleries in major cities such as NYC, LA, Berlin, Rome, Washington DC."
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Noted international artist Vian Borchert is featured in a 10 page spread in an article titled "Albeit Abstract in Nature" in "Art Market Magazine". Leading International "Art Market Magazine" which covers Top Artists of Today and exhibitions has Worldwide Distribution both in Digital & in Print. Magazine's content is in archive data of Universities, Academic Libraries & Public Libraries around the world available for academic researchers, lecturers at the universities.

The magazine is distributed at Catalogue Rouge, a leading platform dedicated to the art field, created for art collectors, art dealers, and museums around the world.
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Noted artist Vian Borchert is featured in ARTPIL's "Artists Profiles" amongst a number of established and accomplished master artists such as: Chantal Joffe, Ted Gahl, David Hockney, Mona Hatoum, George Condo, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Julian Schnabel, Jenny Holzer, Etel Adnan, Marlene Dumas, Jeff Wall, Robert Motherwell, Amy Sillman, Gerhard Richter, Anselm Kiefer, Banksy, Kiki Smith and other prominent contemporary artists.
ARTPIL based in New York and Paris focuses on profiles of the arts with emphasis on modern + contemporary art.
Read more at ARTPIL
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Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 47 features artist Vian Borchert's painting "Spectrum". The magazine is available in print and digital.
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Humana Obscura
Noted artist Vian Borchert's artwork "Open V" is featured in the inside front cover of the Spring/Summer 2021 issue of the literary magazine Humana Obscura.
The magazine is available via Amazon
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Al-Tiba9 ISSUE07
Noted international artist Vian Borchert is featured in a 6 page spread in Al-Tiba9 International Contemporary Art magazine ISSUE07 which covers the best artists for demanding collectors in 2021. This is what the magazine had to say about the artists featured:
The ISSUE07 features international artists who embody in their work a spirit of inspired forward-thinking.
Read more at Al-Tiba9, 2021
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Art Reveal Magazine
Art Reveal Magazine based in Munich, Germany interview / article with noted international artist Vian Borchert.
Art enriches our contemporary culture by offering refuge, preservation and reflection on the current contemporary events that our global village faces in its present time.
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VIE Magazine
VIE Magazine's Luxury and Lifestyle features Vian Borchert's Artwork in their "Art + Culture" issue.
Influenced by the feelings of being out at sea, this abstract painting by Vian Borchert gives us the blues in the very best way.
Read more at VIE Magazine, 2021
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"HappenArt" Art & Culture platform's Interview and special feature of artist Vian Borchert.
For me art is a personal experience not only to the creator but to the viewer as well. Good art and effective paintings do not need the artist to be next to it to defend or describe it to the viewer.
Read more at HappenArt, 02/02/2021
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Phaenix Exhibit
Feature in "Art Reveal" online about the Invitational Exhibition for noted artist Vian Borchert at NYC Phoenix Art Gallery.
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ARTiST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE features artist "Vian Borchert" in their January 2021 issue.
For the noted artist nature is very essential, and plays an important role in her life. Thus, V. Borchert is a nature lover – mother nature is her sanctuary and her ultimate solace...
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300 Magazine
"300 Magazine" News & Reviews, Luxury Lifestyle & Trend reviews the art of artist Vian Borchert in their article "Visual Poetry by the Abstract Expressionist Artist Vian Borchert". "300 Magazine" based in Manhattan's West side, NYC covers from modern and contemporary art to the latest luxury trends, providing previews and reviews of exhibitions worldwide, expert tips on collecting and buying objects of value, relevant information on the market, stories about the world’s most talented artists and celebrities, and all aspects of luxury news that are worth reading about.
Metaphoric and sensible in nature, this painting is a tribute to people’s perception of senses that have been altered due to the current unsettling situation in the world.
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"Vian Borchert — An Expressionist Artist Creating Visual Poems" by Ilya Kushnirskiy published in "Medium".
“Revolutionary Waves” is literally very hands-on. It is a perfect experimental mix of painting and sculptural work, which is additionally very symbolic, reminding us of the times we live in.
Read more at Medium, December 2020
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Midtown Manhattan's Fine Art Shippers in NYC article titled "VIAN BORCHERT – AN EXPRESSIONIST ARTIST CREATING VISUAL POEMS" about artist Vian Borchert.
“Revolutionary Waves” is literally very hands-on. It is a perfect experimental mix of painting and sculptural work, which is additionally very symbolic, reminding us of the times we live in.
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Al-Tiba9 Interview
Al-Tiba9 Contemporary International Art, interview with artist Vian Borchert. The comprehensive in depth interview covers 11 questions, images and videos.
My artwork albeit abstract in nature offers symbolism referencing the status of a mysterious future and how life is such a precious commodity.
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Vian Borchert's painting titled "Clouds' Reflection" is featured in ARTiST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 10 Year Anniversary Issue Volume 4 on page 28.
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bluebee magazine
Vian Borchert's painting titled "Highway" is featured in bluebee magazine's latest issue / volume 5. See insightful description of Vian's art via the magazine.
Vian treats her art like poetry and pursues an expressionist spin to an otherwise representational take on landscape.
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The Washington Post
Vian Borchert's Solo exhibition "Reflection" reviewed by Mark Jenkins in "The Washington Post".
While the paintings are essentially abstract, their color scheme and most of their titles evoke the sea.