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Circulation of Dreams
Corcoran School of the Arts and Design George Washington University features alumna Vian Shamounki Borchert in their news / posts congratulating the Corcoran GW alumna on having her painting "The Circulation of Dreams," in the SAM Museum exhibition "Future Places". The SAM (Susquehanna Art Museum) in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is a world-class American museum featuring works by contemporary artists like Jeff Koons, Wayne Thiebaud, James Rosenquist and others.
Read more at Corcoran GW
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Issue 58 (The Odes Issue)
Artist Vian Borchert's "Lavender Fields" series are featured in the literary journal "Up the Staircase Quarterly" Summer 2022 - Issue 58 (The Odes Issue). "Up the Staircase Quarterly" is an online journal of poetry, art, interviews, and reviews.
Nature plays a huge part in my artistic journey. I am an avid nature observer where contemplating upon nature helps me attain moments of Zen.
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Flora and Fawna
Manhattan based luxury magazine "300 Magazine" features noted artist Vian Borchert's latest floral landscapes on exhibit in Lichtundfire in NYC for the Summer 2022, in a beautiful article showcasing the artist's work and thoughts behind the landscape's creation.
"Vian Borchert’s series of floral landscape paintings is done from pure imagination. To create the picturesque scenes in her works, the artist had to assimilate herself with her innermost thoughts and feelings from the past and present. This allowed her to create a distinct green universe densely impregnated with flowers, romance, and mysticism."
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Art & Words
Borchert's latest floral landscapes along with their poems were published in the literary and art journal "The Purposeful Mayo" based in Ontario, Canada Volume 2, Issue 2.2, August / September 2022.
The green floral landscapes are featured from page 29-31 in the "Art & Words" segment of the journal.
I stood there overlooking green heights
and how the flowers shook
at every heart beat.
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Artist Vian Borchert is interviewed by writer and journalist Inna Logunova for "Fine Art Shippers NYC" which is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, in an article titled: "ARTIST TALK: VIAN BORCHERT AND HER VISUAL POETRY."
I think poetry is similar to abstract art in that it involves symbolism and mystery. There’s a lot of imagination involved, you can play with metaphors, allusions, and a lot of other things that language gives you. And that’s what I do in art as well. I want the viewer to use their imagination and let the subconscious run wild.
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Exhibition Opening
"Exhibition Opening" from HappenArt features artist Vian Borchert's latest blue abstracted cityscapes on exhibit at Lichtundfire for the "Summer Blues" exhibition.
It is that similar raw honesty that Borchert also aims to bring forth in this new work. The buildings now stand tall, yet almost crying covered with blue rain telling a different story of a Summer that fell into the blues. However, this overcast summer is so beautiful in its deep blue shades of cobalt blue, indigo blue and “Yves Klein” blue. It is in this primary color that we allow ourselves to fly and swim, fly into a blue sky and swim into the deep blue.
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Collect Art Magazine
International recognized artist Vian Borchert's in an interview with "Collect Artwork" magazine's Summer Special Edition of "Sea in Me" - Issue 9 for July 2022. "Collect Artwork Magazine" based in Tbilisi, Georgia is an Independent publication / organization dedicated to discovering and promoting art.
Borchert's signature blue seascapes are featured in the the 3 page magazine spread along with an insightful interview on the artist's inspirations and work ethics.
I developed my career through many sleepless nights, an abundant amount of hard work and an ample amount of art production. I create around 50+ artworks per year. Also, early education had set me on the right path. Years of Discipline, work ethics and work regiment got me to where I am at today.
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Modern Renaissance Magazine
International artist Vian Borchert is interviewed for "Modern Renaissance Magazine " Issue 17, July 2022 issue by Editor-in-Chief, Aparna Prabhakar in an 8 page spread interview where Borchert discusses her art and thoughts behind her art creation. "Modern Renaissance Magazine" by Culturally Arts Collective: an international nonprofit organization that works for tangible reform for arts accessibility, with headquarters in Washington DC, and a purpose to cultivate a culture of artistic innovation uplifting contemporary expression.
I make art because I have to. Art for me is like eating, sleeping, breathing… It is part of living for me. Art for me is essential.
Read more at Modern Renaissance Magazine, July 2022
View the video at YouTube
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Summer Blues
Artist Vian Borchert's latest blue abstract cityscapes that capture the NYC skyline and are on exhibit at Licthundfire gallery in Manhattan, NYC for the June - July 2022, are featured in an review / article by "300 Magazine". The magazine is focused on luxury lifestyle along with writing reviews about the world of art, with attention to environmental programs, sustainability and other important issues.
Vian Borchert offers everyone to look up and focus on the tops of skyscrapers and facades piercing through the poisonous mist. It is where hope lies. Regardless of how stormy the weather is today, people shouldn’t forget about the stars beyond the clouds because our dreams are what make us persevere, keep going, and find what we crave most in this life.
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Dwell Time is an award winning, not-for-profit publication based in the UK, features artist Vian Borchert's painting "Reflecting in the Woods".
Nature is a source of solace for me to meditate upon especially when I want to reflect on life and how our world is shaping. For me, nature brings much needed calm to my soul amid uncertain times.
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PENSIVE - Issue 4
Vian Borchert is honored to have her painting "New Dawn" at the front cover of the literary publication "Pensive" Journal Spring Issue 4. "PENSIVE" a Global Journal of Spirituality and the Arts is published by the Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service at Northeastern University, a global research university in Boston, Massachusetts, USA with a campus network stretching from London to Vancouver.
Read more at PENSIVE, April 2022
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Influential People Magazine
Influential People Magazine" covers influential people from around the world such as entrepreneurs, visionaries, business leaders, celebrities and humanitarians and published an interview with Vian Borchert by Jessica Dewey.
I feel that my art presents me as a visual storyteller where people can through viewing my art and its titles enter my own world
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The Berlin based CHROMART magazine for April 2022 Issue features artist Vian Borchert's in a multiple page interview spread.
As an artist, contemplation and observation on the world around me is of utmost importance to my work. The world and the environment move me like no other.
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International artist, Vian Borchert, is featured on the cover of the February 2022 issue of MOEVIR magazine, a fashion and art magazine based in Paris, France. V. Borchert's art is on the front and back cover of the magazine along with a 24 page spread with in-depth interview.
I wanted to do new works that hadn't been explored before, works of art that I personally would like to see when visiting museums. At that time, most of the abstract contemporary artists were making works that fell in the style of Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning. I didn’t want that for myself, I wanted to create work that is me, that is Vian Borchert, that encompasses my vision, my life and what I see
Read more at MOEVIR Magazine, Feb. 2022 - Get the Magazine at MagCloud - See the feature on YouTube.
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300 Magazine
300 Magazine, a luxury magazine based in NYC features artist Vian Borchert's series "On The Road" which debuted in the "Reshuffle" exhibition at Lichtundfire gallery in Manhattan, NYC. 300Magazine is a publication specializing in fine art, antiquities, international travel, fashion & style, designer jewelry.
The magazine covers modern and contemporary art to the latest luxury trends, providing previews and reviews of exhibitions worldwide along with stories about the world’s most talented artists and celebrities, and all aspects of luxury news that are worth reading about.
Such a fusion requires a fine sense of aesthetics and can be risky if not applied right. Today, you have a chance to look at a new series of cityscape paintings by Vian Borchert. Titled “On the Road,” it presents a selection of fabulous artworks that successfully combine collage and paintings techniques.
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ARTFORUM, Feb. 2022
"ARTFORUM" art magazine features artist Vian Borchert's painting "Above Us Only Sky" that's in the "Reshuffle" exhibition at Lichtundfire gallery, NYC.
Read more at ARTFORUM, Feb. 2022
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Artist Vian Borchert's painting "Red Moon" painting is on the front cover of the literary magazine "Passengers Journal" Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring issue.
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Fine Art Shippers
Fine Art Shippers NYC platform features Borchert's cityscape paintings "On The Road" which debuted at Lichtundfire gallery in NYC.
The exhibition features Borchert’s four unique cityscape paintings, each representing a vision of the talented painter who reflects on her memories of places and things she saw during her journeys.
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Exhibition Opening
"Exhibition Opening" from HappenArt features artist Vian Borchert's cityscape series "On the Road" that was debuted at Lichtundfire gallery's exhibition "Reshufffle".
I wanted the paintings to be entirely made from what consists of what is me, my hands and my vision and not some clippings from a magazine. The camera captures a certain frozen moment in time that is part of our reality while the paintings are a dreamy take of what the subconscious wants to bring to life through colors, brush strokes and lines.
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International Fitness & Fashion Magazine
Vian Borchert is in the February 2022 Print Issue of "International Fitness & Fashion Magazine". This is a 6 pages spread interview from page 34 - 39.
The texture in my paintings is essential. I am a painter, and I am one who believes that the artist's hand at work should be visible in the artwork.
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9 Inspirations
Artist Vian Borchert speaks about what inspires her in her art and life in "9 Inspirations" platform which highlights luminaires and their inspirations.
One of the biggest wonders of nature are the four seasons from Fall to Winter, to Spring into Summer. Living and growing up in climates that are affected by the four seasons where one sees the transition from one season into another is definitely a visual feast to an artist."