My name is Vian Borchert and I am a professional expressionist artist and graduate from the Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington D.C. My artwork is mainly abstract expressionist, and expressionistic figurative artwork.
With my artwork, I wanted to create the kind of art that I like to see when I visit galleries and museums.

With my abstract work, I strongly feel I created my own abstract movement and vision that is pure and honest. Most importantly, I aim to explore my subconscious and how it looks when it comes out on canvas. I strongly feel for a work of art to be effective, it has to come from someone's absolute own experience and innermost vision and one’s own journey. I am also an avid lover of nature, I consider nature to be the truest and best artist, and I do find nature to be one of my ultimate inspirations.

Regards to my figurative work, I consider myself an artist of feelings. I paint the deep emotions that occupy and sometimes clutter the mind. Feelings such as love, despair and uncertainty are some of the emotions that I depict in my work.

I consider each of my paintings as a visual poem: a poem of love, a poem of hope, a poem of melancholy.

I firmly believe that art from the heart is the clearest and purest of all art forms.

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Why do you want to support me?
Producing art takes a lot of time and concentration and money. Quality paint, paper and canvases are costly. In order to continue sharing my creations with you, I need your support. This allows me to concentrate on producing and sharing all the artwork that you love to see.
Being my patron shows me that you value my artwork, which is very much appreciated by me and makes me produce even more.

How do you become my Patron?
Becoming my patron is very simple. Click the "Become a Patron!" button below to become my Patron by selecting one of the Reward Tiers that will be listed. Become a Patron!

When will you be charged?
You will be charged at the beginning of the month. It is similar to a monthly subscription that can be changed and canceled at any time.
For more detailed information read the “Patreon FAQ”.

How many art works will I post here?
I love to produce artworks all the time. On some days, I might post multiple works of art, some days I only post one peace. Though this depends on the creative mood or the complexity of the artwork that I am currently working on. Some works such as large abstracts or figurative paintings need more time than a day to be finished. I always prefer to show it once it is done.
From time to time I do post some works of my art on other platforms such as my website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This will happen for instance, when I have upcoming art exhibits - but the majority of work will only be posted on Patreon, with most of my works only be visible to my patrons.

If I am not your Patron, can I still see your artworks?
Unfortunately not, since I decided going forward to make the majority of my artwork available only at Patreon for my supporters.

I welcome you to join me in my artistic journey. :)